34 Leather Home Decor Ideas You’ll Love

    Faux leather is one of the most popular materials for home decor: it instantly adds texture, chic and eye-catchiness. Adding leather to your home decor is easy: buy a cool leather furniture piece and make a statement with it, or get some accessories of leather. DIYing some furniture and piece of leather isn’t very difficult, so you can make some customized pieces too. Here are some ideas to try.


    Brown and black are the most popular colors for leather, and rocking a piece in these colors is right what you need for a textural feel, besides shades of brown make the leather look luxurious. You may find cream, red, purple, navy and some other shades, too, if they fit your space. It may be a sofa, a chair or several chairs, ottomans, benches and daybeds. In a bedroom a leather upholstered padded bed will look very sexy! Add a cool acrylic bench with a leather seat to match.


    Leather accessories also bring a cool feel to your space plus they can be DIYed easily. Magazine and book holders, candle holders, catchall trays and other stuff – there are lots of tutorials to try. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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