34 Lovely And Functional Cloffice Decor Ideas

Most of us face the problem of lack of space from time to time, and you may lack space for your kitchen, bathroom, home office or some other room. Home offices and walk-in closets are often skipped in many homes as there’s not enough space for them – homeowners organize a home office nook somewhere in the kitchen or living room, and add a closet to the bedroom. But if you happen to have enough space for at least one of these two, you can have them both! Today I’m sharing the coolest ideas on organizing a cloffice – a home office paired with a closet, and you’ll see how perfect this idea works!

Cloffice Decor

What are cloffices so popular? Because this
is a great way to save some space receiving two necessary zones in one room. Besides,
is there any better decor than your adorable shoes, jewelry, bags and outfits? They
are masterpieces themselves!

Choosing a style and color scheme for your cloffice, you can go for anything you like, from glam to boho, from Scandinavian to art deco. The color schemes are totally up to you, though I must say that the most popular idea is rocking neutrals and shiny metals as cloffices are often small, and such a color palette makes them bigger. Colorful and vivacious spaces are also welcome, they raise the spirits very well!  

Cloffice Zoning

If you have enough space, you may visually divide the working and the closet zone placing the work space by the window and moving the wardrobes to the walls or behind. If there’s not enough space for that, merge the two zones into one without any borders – go for a desk that perfectly blends with the closet interior, add a matching chair and lamps.

Cloffice Storage And Organization

Cloffices are usually done with open wardrobes, floating shelves and racks to make the space look airy and light. You may also try usual wardrobes with shelves and dressers with drawers but they will look bulkier, so they will fit a large space mostly, and your outfits and accessories won’t be on display. Use functional furniture like a desk that can double as a vanity, an ottoman that doubles as a stool for your desk and so on. Get inspired!

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