34 Modern Outdoor Planters To Add Style To Your Space

    Highlighting your outdoor space can be done with various furniture, decor and different eye-catchy plants and flowers. Pots, in which you grow your plants, are also important, they can become your great accent or even make a statement. Keep in mind that an outdoor planter should be not only stylish and beautiful but also fitting your outdoor style and be durable to stand weather conditions and rain. I’ve rounded up some stylish ideas that will easily withstand anything – all of them are modern and chic, get inspired!

Tall Planters

    Tall pots make a bold and elegant statement in any space – whatever color you choose. Black, grey and white are stylish and timeless and fit many outdoor styles and looks. You can find tall metal planters with sharp geo shapes or beautiful rounded stone or ceramic ones. If you want to accentuate a backyard, go for colorful planters, and if you need something neutral – rock whites and off-whites. Tall planters are amazing for dividing spaces and hiding your from neighbors’ eyes, and they will be ideal for decorating your entry or lining up the path.

Bowl-Shaped Planters

    Bowls are softer in shaped than sharp angle geo planters, and they will help to make an accent – not a statement. Bowl-shaped planters are usually used in clusters, which can be placed on metal stands or just next to each other. They can be spherical or more conic in shape, and they are available in various colors, of stone or concrete.

Other Ideas

    If you want to make a cool display, why not mix different shapes together? Keep the planters in one color and material but go for different shapes and sizes to make your display cooler. You can also keep them to one material and different colors and shapes, or try lit up planters, which is a comfy solution to light up the outdoor space at night and still have a planter with greenery. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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