34 Ways To Hide A Laundry Or Washing Machine

Not everyone today has a space for a separate laundry, and a tiny hidden laundry or just a washing machine and dryer integrated somewhere are an optimal solution. Where and how to hide such a laundry to make your space decluttered? Here are some ideas!


Laundries and washing machines are often placed in bathrooms. Check out how much space you have and then place there a mini laundry or a washing machine – it can be a large or small cabinet or you can just place your laundry next to the shower and cover it with a folding or sliding door. Your vanity can be also used to hide a washing machine if you don’t need storage space inside it.


Kitchens often hide washing machines, too, and if you have a large spare cabinet, feel free to place a whole mini laundry there! A kitchen will be more functional if you hide what you need in one of the cabinets and will save some space thanks to that.

Other Ideas

You can basically hide your mini laundry or washing machine anywhere: in your entryway, in the mudroom or even closet, and just hide it with a sliding door or a folding one. Place your laundry under the stairs or even for a cabinet in the dining room – the possibilities are endless!

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