35 Comfy And Cool Windowsill Workspaces

If you have a small home and there’s literally no space for working but due to some reasons (like lockdowns) you need that, a windowsill workspace may be a nice solution. You just go for a windowsill desk and organize everything you need and want around it.

Tiny homes and nooks will benefit from having a windowsill desk, which doesn’t take much space but is very functional and can be organized anywhere, from a bedroom to a kitchen where you will be able to use it as a breakfast bar, too. If space allows, go for a real desk with storage placed by the window but keep in mind that a floating desk always looks airier. Rock the desk in the style and colors you have around unless you want to make an accent with it – then make it bold! Place your computer and other stuff, memos and if there’s still a bit of space, some decor. Go for a comfortable chair and lamps – they can be sconces, table lamps and pendant lamps depending on your wish and the amount of desk space you have.

Benefits of a windowsill workspace? First of all, as I said, it saves much space, you don’t need a whole room and can organize it anywhere. Second, you get a lot of natural light, and third – you will have the view, which can inspire you to do more and more. Such a windowsill desk can work as a desk, breakfast bar, makeup nook, even a daybed for reading! Take a look at some ideas we’ve prepared and get inspired!

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