35 Cozy And Chic Farmhouse Living Rooms

    Farmhouse style has its special charm and it’s extremely popular cause of it – it brings rustic coziness at once. Farmhouse living rooms are very welcoming and inviting: neutrals, textures, wood, jute, vintage items and fireplaces. Looking for some ideas and examples to pull off this style in your own living room? here they are!

Colors And Materials

    Farmhouse style is all about neutrals: off-white, white, creamy, dove grey, various pastels. Sometimes your may see darker shades like taupe, greys, tan shades and even black and chocolate brown, this is a cool idea for a more moody space. Pastel touches will add subtle color touches to your room, and if you want more drama, go for a neutral space with dark touches – lamps, rugs and artworks.


    Choose between modern and vintage farmhouse decor and buy or make furniture accordingly: contemporary and minimalist for a modern space and vintage and shabby chic for a vintage farmhouse one. Weathered or whitewashed wood consoles and coffee tables will make your space more rustic, rattan chairs will bring a slight outdoorsy feel. Comfy upholstered sofas and chairs in neutrals are perfect for both modern and vintage spaces, you may also go for leather furniture for modern farmhouse spaces.


    If it’s possible, we strongly recommend you to incorporate a fireplace, a real or faux one, into your home decor, it will be a perfect focal point. Go for baskets for storage, neutral and printed pillows to add interest to the space, jute rugs and burlap for more texture, potted greenery for freshness in the space. Don’t forget a gallery wall with various items, maybe your family pics for a more homey feel.

by Chloe

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