35 Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decor Ideas

    Thanksgiving is coming, and it’s high time to decorate your home, both indoors and outdoors, for this cozy family holiday. Let’s start from outdoor decor and decorate the porch for Thanksgiving.


    If you have some steps, put various items on them to make the porch look more holiday-like. These are usually pumpkins, fall flowers in pots and baskets, candle lanterns and fall leaves. Such displays look very cute and are really simple to make, and you can rock various colors – from neutrals to bold fall ones.


    If you have some space, you can create a cool display with a barrow, a chair or a stool, crates, baskets and so on. Again go for pumpkins, candle lanterns, wheat, corn husks, cozy plaid blankets and pillows. Go for wooden baskets with faux veggies and leaves, corn cobs and more and more to achieve the look you like.

Porch Furniture

    If you have some benches, sofas and chairs, you can decorate them for Thanksgiving, too. Place pumpkins, candle lanterns, add cozy blankets and pillows, firewood storage and apples in baskets are welcome to make the space cool and the latter can be eaten while sitting on the porch.

Front Door Decor

    Change your porch for Thanksgiving the way you like: place some potted mums in bold shades, veggies in baskets, corn husks around the door, hay, lanterns and galvanized buckets with pumpkins and other fall stuff are all welcome to create a cool look.

by Olivia

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