35 Gender Neutral Nurseries That Inspire

Gender neutral nurseries are a hot trend, everyone is leaving those pink and blue spaces behind. Boho, mid-century modern, contemporary and Scandinavian nurseries done in neutrals and pastels or gender neutral colors are very popular and they turn out to be super welcoming and cozy. How to pull off such a space? Here are some tips.


First of all, choose a theme or a style for your nursery to find out what colors and prints you are going to use. Neutrals are the most popular but you may add black for some drama, go pastels for a soft touch or rock bright splashes here and there to cheer up the space. Incorporate colors that you like with an accent wall, a chair or a bench, a dresser or some smaller accessories like hangings and pots. The same goes to prints.


The furniture and its amount are totally up to you and the style you’ve chosen. A crib, a changing table and a chair for a parent are a must usually, and all the rest like closets, ottomans, rockers, sofas and so on are optional – choose whatever you prefer. Here you can find our roundup on IKEA furniture hacks for nurseries, it can be very useful!


Polish your nursery look with proper décor, this is a very important point to give it a style. A boho nursery can be finished with macramé, a Moroccan wedding blanket rug, leather ottomans and potted greenery. A Scandinavian nursery can be done with fluffy rugs and blankets, baskets for storage. Look at the style and colors and add accessories and decorations accordingly. Let this nursery be awesome!

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