35 Stylish Concrete Bathroom Decor Ideas

Concrete is a very popular material  for decorating homes today: it’s durable, it looks contemporary and it’s budget-friendly. It’s often used in functional areas like bathrooms and kitchens where we spend much time and from which we require much durability. Today I’d like to show you how to use concrete in your bathroom to make it look ultimate and not cold and uninviting, take a look!

Concrete Vanities And Sinks

A concrete vanity is a popular idea, it’s usually merged with a sink to create a monolith piece that will bring an ultimately edgy feel to the space. Such a vanity with a built-in sink looks very bold and catchy and brings a minimal and contemporary touch at once. If a monolith vanity with a sink looks too heavy for you, stick to a floating vanity instead. Here there’s a disadvantage: concrete can absorb liquids and even bacteria, so you’ll have to seal your vanity and countertop every one to three years to prevent staining.

Much Concrete In Bathroom Decor

If you are going to use more concrete in your bathroom, think of concrete walls, a floor, a bathtub – all of them in one or just some points. Concrete is pretty versatile featuring different looks, textures and shades, so you will easily integrate it into any bathroom from a minimalist to a vintage one. Concrete looks well with itself, even if you are using different shades, its sleek look can be softened with wood, cork and potted plants around to make the bathroom look more welcoming and lively. Bold rugs and printed textiles will add interest here, too. Get inspired!

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