35 Vivacious Summer Table Setting Ideas

    Summer is in full swing, and whether you are planning a bridal shower, a baby shower, a family dinner or any other summer party, you’ll need to think over decor, choose a theme, colors and menu and lay the tables. I’d like to inspire you with amazing summer tablescapes for a summer meal al fresco, in various colors, styles and with all kinds of details that may catch an eye. You will impress your guests for sure with such decor!


    Blue shades are very refreshing, so if you want them, there is a plenty of gorgeous ideas to try. A blue checked tablecloth and white florals and plates look traditional and timeless. Rock bold blue printed plates and dishes and blue glasses, add an indigo-dyed table runner and napkins for a more modern look. Blues look amazing with whites and off-whites, gold and yellow, green and many other colors, everything here depends on what effect you want to achieve.


    Greens look very natural and also refreshing, such shades are great for woodland-inspired, boho, modern, traditional and just natural table setting. It can be a green printed table runner or tablecloth, green glasses or plates and of course rock greenery for your centerpieces and decor – who needs flowers when you have stunning foliage?


    Yellow shades are traditionally summer ones, cheerful, bold and vivacious. Blend yellows with green, whites, grey and blues or some neutral natural shades. Rock awesome yellow florals like billy balls, roses or daisies and highlight the color with yellow napkins and tablecloths.


    Neutral colors are always actual and timeless: whites and off-whites, grey, beige and other shades like that look amazing. If it’s a rustic setting, you can go for a burlap table runner, neutral wildflowers, vases and lanterns. If you want a boho feel, go for a macrame runner, and if you want to add some glam, choose gilded edge glasses, plates and chargers. Neutral florals or just greenery runners will be a perfect fit.

Colorful Settings

    Summer is the time of bold colors, so why not rock them all? Orange, pink, red, fuchsia, yellow and many other colors – rock them all or choose a couple to spruce your wedding tablescape with colors. Peach or coral color with turquoise, orange and pink, red and green, red and orange – everything depends here on the theme and style you’ve chosen. Rock bold florals, plates and glasses and use fruits for table decor, so you will get a nice summer table setting.

by Olivia

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