35 Whitewashed Fireplaces For Any Room

Coziness is the main feature that every home should have – it should invite you in, help you relax and create a soothing ambience around you. A fireplace is a piece that can give your space all that, it cozies up any room and welcomes inside, especially on cold days. How to decorate and style a fireplace? There are many ways to do that but the most universal idea is to whitewash your piece, it will match many styles making your fireplace unobtrusive and slightly adding that warm feel.

Whitewashed Stone Fireplaces

A stone or faux stone fireplace will look amazing after whitewashing! The rough texture of stone or even faux stone will be softened and the fireplace will be much more chic and elegant still keeping that cozy feel and giving it to the space. Add a wooden mantel – a whitewashed or a stained one depending on the style you are going to pull and on the colors of your interior and styling the mantel will help you highlight the decor of the room. Such a fireplace will fit many decor styles, from farmhouse and woodland to modern or vintage, and a whitewashed look is very versatile – you can give it various touches decorating the surround, changing mantels and adding screens.

Whitewashed Brick Fireplaces

Whitewashing a brick fireplace is also a great idea, and if you ask me – I think that red brick fireplaces should be whitewashed first as they will get a very soft and chic look. Any brick fireplace will lose a bit of its rough look with whitewashing and will turn softer and cozier, and if this is your goal, do it! Highlight the style with a proper mantel and surround, add decor and maybe a screen if necessary, and if the fireplace is a non-working one, put something you want inside it. Cozy up your spaces with beautiful whitewashed fireplaces!

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