36 Gorgeous Flocked Christmas Trees

Flocked Christmas trees are perhaps the most popular ones now, their magical snowy look is very inspiring and very cool, especially for places, where there’s no snow. How to decorate such a tree to create a truly magical look for the space? Here are some ideas you may like.

Only Lights

As minimalist and laconic décor is very popular now, a flocked Christmas tree can be decorated with only lights – if you have a pre-lit tree, just leave it as it is. Add pinecones, if you want, for a more natural touch. Such a tree doesn’t look excessive and if you put several ones, you’ll feel like in a snowy forest.

Lights And Ornaments

Lights are always great and are a must for Christmas tree décor but ornaments will make it look much more festive. The most popular idea is to rock metallic and pastel Christmas ornaments, they won’t stand out too much, and your tree will look very neutral and fairy-tale-like. If you want a bolder touch, think of bright ornaments paired with neutral ones, or black and white ones adding matching striped ribbons. Wooden bead garlands and burlap ribbons will add a rustic feel to the tree. Take a look at more beautiful ideas below!

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