37 Comfy Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Nooks

    A kitchen island can be found in many kitchens, even in small ones, because they are comfortable for cooking, peeling vegetables and so on but if you want to increase the functionality of your kitchen island, add a breakfast nook. Kitchen islands with breakfast nooks are a hot trend that allows you having a quick meal in the morning right here and saves some space – and you can even skip a dining space, just use this one! Here are some cool ideas that may be useful and inspiring.

Two-Level Kitchen Islands

    To separate the cooking zone and the breakfast nook, you can go for an eye-catchy two-level kitchen island. The lower level is usually used for cooking, and the upper level will be used for eating and having drinks. These
parts can be done in the same way and just differ in the height, or can be totally different, for example, a marble lower level and an eye-catchy raw edge counter for eating, or just a wooden one.

Usual Kitchen Islands

    The kitchen island can be a whole one, with a cooking and eating zone not separated. The kitchen island can be long or wide, one side can be used for eating. Such a seamless piece is great for small kitchens because you can take the whole island for eating or cooking at some point and you don’t need to organize a separate space for that. Such kitchen islands can also include wine coolers and just storage spaces, get inspired and enjoy!

by Chloe

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