37 Red And White Christmas Decor Ideas

Red and white are traditional colors for Christmas, they perfectly match evergreens that are indispensable for holiday décor and look bold and cozy – you’ll feel holidays at once! Though you may say that this color scheme is a bit hacky, I’m ready to share some chic modern, farmhouse and Scandinavian décor ideas that will make your Christmas amazing, let’s begin!

Red And White Christmas Trees

Decorate your gorgeous Christmas tree in red and white using cool ornaments, buntings and garlands. The ornaments can be styled in any way you like, go for whimsy shapes, looks and designs, you can also DIY them. Add red and white buntings and garlands if you want a more vintage-like look or skip them if not, go for red and white gift boxes under the tree to make the look unified.

Red And White Christmas Décor

Continue with the red and white color scheme everywhere – with red and white ornaments, garlands, buntings, wreaths, with red and white rugs and pillows, stockings and porcelain, ribbons and bedding, linens and chandeliers – incorporate these colors everywhere you want. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be excessive with them to avoid tasteless looks, so add a bit of silver, sheer decorations, evergreens and pinecones to make the spaces chic and welcoming.

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