38 Beautiful Container Water Gardens And Ponds

Water is a winning feature! It really is: its relaxing look calms down and makes us happier, its relaxing sounds are very stress-relieving after a long day, so having an outdoor water feature is always a good idea. Take a look at ponds: if you want water aesthetics, lovely water plants and maybe fish, then this is it! And I’ll tell you more: you don’t have to spend much time and effort designing a large pond, go for a container version – a large or a small one.

How To Make A Container Water Garden?

The main thing to do is to choose a proper container. It can be made of plastic, of galvanized steel for a rustic touch or it can be a large porcelain planter or bowl that will match most of decor styles. Decide whether it will be a free-standing one to make it mobile or you will dig it into the ground for a more natural look. Put pebbles and rocks on the bottom, choose water plants that you like and if you are going to have fish – then find out more about them, too.

How To Decorate A Container Water Garden?

A container water garden or pond can feature floating buoys, a small fountain, for a example, a bamboo one, for a Zen feel, painted rocks and pebbles and other decor up to glowing in the dark balls floating on the surface. Surround your water garden with greenery and blooms or with other smaller water gardens for a whole pond arrangement and enjoy the freshness of water!

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