40 Boho Living Rooms That Excite And Inspire

Boho style is ruling the world, you can see Moroccan, boho and gypsy aesthetics everywhere, from homes to outfits and if you love it, if you wanna pull off boho chic in your space, this roundup is for you! We’ve gathered the coolest and the hottest boho living room ideas that inspire, take a look!

Colors And Textures

Choose your perfect color scheme: it can be bright or even super bright, it can be neutral or even moody. Earthy shades like amber and browns are also very popular for boho spaces, and you can spruce them up with jewel tones. Give your boho living room more interest with textures: faux fur, leather, rattan, wood, macramé, wicker and other items, even hammered metal tables will make your living room gorgeous!


The sofa may be neutral or muted-colored or you may even go for a rattan or carved wood bench. As for the rest of the furniture – go wild! Rattan and wooden chairs, hammered metal coffee tables, jute and leather ottomans, vintage chests and sideboards, even mid-century modern items that usually fit boho style so perfect!


Boho chic style is about rocking much décor, and this décor is exactly what will help you create an ambiance. Use macramé hangings and bold artworks, boho rugs and folksy pillows and cushions, colorful ottomans, wicker and fringe lamps, decorative baskets and ornate mirrors, wooden screens and gorgeous Moroccan lanterns – anything that means boho, gypsy, Moroccan, Asian! Don’t forget to use much potted greenery and maybe blooms, the planters may be also suspended in macramé hangers.

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