61 IKEA Malm Dresser Hacks That Fit Every Space

An IKEA Malm dresser is a cool piece that can fit any bedroom, closet, entryway or any other room.

Painting an IKEA Malm

Taken in white, it’s perfect for most of modern interiors but of course you can always hack it so that it fit better. Change the colors, there are lots of shades and tones to go for, and such a hack won’t take much time. Add a couple of pretty knobs or pulls, and voila – a lovely is done!

Other IKEA Malm Hacks

What else can you do with your Malm? Stencil it and add some cool handles to make it look proper for your space. Add some pretty inlays, go for self-adhesive paper and wallpaper and make your piece very bold. Bring shiny metallic touches or just add corners to the dresser. If it’s for your kids’ room, you may add fun dinosaur handles or paint what’s inside: tees, pants, jeans and so on; if it’s for your girlish closet, add glam gold handles or cover it with mirror tape. You can even hack it using your own photos! Get more creative hacks below and go buy Malm to adapt it for your space!

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