40 Inspiring Small Deck Decor Ideas

A private outdoor space is a dream, even if it’s small, you can still turn it into your personal oasis of joy. Today I’d like to share some ideas on styling a small deck in various styles and for various purposes, too, take a look!

A Small Deck For Dining

If you love to heave meals outdoors, you may want to turn your small deck into an outdoor dining space, maybe with a kitchen if it fits. Choose compact furniture that matches the style that you’ve chosen for indoors – this way you’ll get a more cohesive space. Place a grill here or a small kitchenette, add decor to make the space more welcoming: an umbrella, some string lights, some rugs and pillows to the benches or chairs.

A Small Deck For Chilling

An outdoor living room is what we usually turn our outdoors spaces into. Styling of a small deck should be done in some clear and non-cluttering style to get a lightweight and non-cluttered look, so modern, Scandinavian, minimalist styles will be perfect. A small deck supposes compact furniture, built-in benches and sofas, small chairs and a mobile fire pit. Add decor that is appropriate for your style: string lights, printed textiles, pillows, rugs, blankets and citronella candles, of course. Take your time to relax in this beautiful space!

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