41 Cool And Smart Eat-In Kitchens

Lack of space is a common problem in a modern homes, and even if you don’t lack it, you might want to add functionality to your dwelling, which supposes multifunctional spaces like cloffices, bedrooms with bathrooms or eat-in kitchens.

An eat-in kitchen is a cool solution for those who don’t have enough space for a separate dining room or just don’t want to go that formal way. In such a case a dining zone is integrated into the kitchen itself and can be separated with cabinets or a kitchen island or not.  

Styles And Colors

If you have really a small kitchen, a neutral and light color scheme is your choice as it will make it bigger. If not – then any colors are welcome! As for styles, you can have any styles here, from Scandinavian to minimalist, and again – the smaller your kitchen is, the fewer details and whimsy decor you should have not to clutter the space.


There are several lifehacks and ideas to design an eat-in kitchen right to get as much space as possible and feel the comfort. first of all – consider the best kitchen layout to incorporate a dining zone here, the most efficient ones are a single line, U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens. Choosing a right layout will help you add an eatign space here without sacrificing some cabinets or other stuff.

One of the most popular ideas is a windowsill seating and a table by its side, this is a functional solution. Another idea is using a kitchen island – it may have an eating zone or even two countertops, one of them raised for eating. How else can you design your dining zone? Make a wall-mounted and maybe even folding table to hide it when not in need. Use a countertop as a dining table and add a couple of stools to it. There are some more pretty and smart ideas below, take a look to get inspired!

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