41 Wallpaper Statement Walls That Wow

    If you have plain walls and are looking for cool ways to spruce them up, I’d advise you to make a statement wall – just one will be enough to change the look of the whole room. There are several ways to make it statement – painting, decals or wallpaper, the latter being one of the hottest trends in home decor now. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback, and choosing something bold for making an accent wall is a gorgeous idea, let me inspire you with some ideas.

Geometric Wallpaper

    Geo prints are incredibly popular for every part of home decor, and geo print wallpaper will be a nice idea for any decor style. Choose colors and shapes that fit your space and make a cool statement wall to change the space, your wall won’t be boring!

Botanical And Floral Wallpaper

    Botanical and floral wallpaper is a timeless idea that will never get out of style. The prints can be realistic or usual stylized or even watercolor ones – whatever fits your space. If it’s a desert-inspired space, rock cactus prints, if you want to add summer cheer, why not go for tropical leaf prints? A super colorful floral print wallpaper will be a nice idea to make a statement, especially if the rest of the space is neutral.

Other Types Of Wallpaper

    Other creative ideas may include wallpaper that looks like weathered wood, marble print wallpaper (marble is another hot trend), constellations and stars and many other prints – find a perfect match and make your space stand out!

by Olivia

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