42 Neutral Bathrooms That Invite In

Neutrals are super popular for home décor today: they are timeless, they create a welcoming feeling and they are perfect for small spaces as they visually expand them, which makes them even more popular for tiny spaces. Bathrooms are often small and decorating them in neutrals is a very good option, here are some ideas to steal.

Neutral Tiles

You may say that neutrals are boring but they can be catchy! You may go for large scale ones or prefer penny tiles, try marble print or something that resembles stone and there are tons of neutral shades to choose from, not only white or grey. Try hexagon shape or go for long and narrow tiles clad in a herringbone pattern or try trendy subway tiles – there are lots of ideas to make your bathroom cool.


Wood is a must if you wanna warm up and enliven your bathroom, it will bring a cozy feel. You may incorporate wood with a vanity, stools, side tables, mats and much other stuff, and add wicker baskets for storage.


An oversized mirror can be your décor statement, and it will reflect the light doubling your space visually. Artworks can be a nice idea if there’s some space for that, if not, put pebbles under the bathtub, use greenery in pots and go for luxury bathing stuff to make your bathing experience cooler. Enjoy!

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