45 Feminine Walk-In Closets That Will Blow Your Mind

    I have always dreamt to have my own closet when I have enough space for it, and I’m sure that you, girls, too! Having comfortable storage, shelves for accessories and shoes is so convenient! When you are hurrying up somewhere, it’s easier to find what you need, and when you are getting ready for some occasion, mirrors in the closet will help you to create the right image. So, such a room is of course a must for every girl! How to design it in the best way? First of all, organize smart and space-saving storage because we all have lots and lots of clothes and shoes, and their amount is increasing. Second, make a big window if possible and several layers of light as it will help you to find what you want and to create your looks better and faster. Third, try mirrored walls or furniture – that’s a necessary thing when you are getting dressed. And finally, add some cute feminine touches: a fluffy rug, a girlish bench, a refined chandelier or a cute pink dresser. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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