5 Best Homes Of The Week #1

    Many home owners are looking for inspiration: design solutions, furniture, colors, materials and other ideas, and we are here to inspire you! We are starting a new column, which will contain the best homes of the week – the houses and apartments that catch an eye, that have some unique design solutions, practical ideas and beautiful furniture. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Instagram not to miss any of them!

    This Tower Apt. No1 spans 100 square meters and is functional and practical. It features a cool solution: a home office built within a black iron and glass room, which allows much daylight inside while keeping it private enough. Wow!

    This luxurious house in South Africa is called ‘La Belle Vue’, which means ‘the beautiful view’ in French, and that’s true – there are amazing sea and mountain views! What’s even more special about it, there’s an oversized boulder right in the dining room as a natural touch. The home if also full of traditional African motifs done in a fresh and modern way, get inspired!

    This home seems to be a time capsule: it’s a contemporary renovation of a Huguenot Townhouse. The home features a unique blend of contemporary design and vintage touches that were preserved. I also admire the use of materials like shabby wood, untreated wood, marble, stone and concrete – they look so eye-catchy and vintage and contemporary at the same time!

    What I love about this terraced home? The kitchen! The kitchen that features exposed brick clad and is covered with glass doors to bring much light in and connect it to the courtyard, where you can see some greenery. The dining space is placed next to the kitchen and is also opened to the outdoor space. So nice!

    This forest cabin in Canada shows off a unique shape – a triangular one, which is used to advantage here. There are panoramic views of the forest and lake, an open layout with several levels to separate the spaces and a super cozy attic bedroom with a triangular window. Leave me there, please!


Tower Apt. No1 in Tel Aviv by RUST architects
bomax + OKHA design luxurious south african house with integrated natural feature
The Weaver’s House
Studio Ben Allen adds pair of brick vaults to terraced house in York
Triangular Cabin Opens Up to Lake Views in Canada

by Chloe

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