5 Best Homes Of The Week #3

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    We are used to see various kinds of pools – infinity and usual ones, outdoor and indoor ones, of all shapes and looks. But a pool as a work of art and part of living room decor? This is a unique idea realized in the design of this home in São Paulo, Brazil. The home feels like it’s in the jungle thanks to lush living walls outside, which also add to the decor.

    This gorgeous zen home is inspired by the Japanese design principles, which are incorporated into contemporary decor. You will see open layouts and laconic Japanese furniture and items, I love the muted and elegant colors and the relaxed and philosophical feeling about this space. The exterior spaces are also done in Japanese style and look very harmonious.

    This Paris apartment shows peculiar style and quirky touches in every space but the main thing is a foyer turned into a library. I love colorful furniture and artworks but my favorite space is a small breakfast nook, which is bright and cozy and so inviting that I would live there! And what’s your favorite room?

    What’s so special about this house? The stylish combo of contemporary and minimalist design! The main space is an open layout with a kitchen, dining and living room done with a stylish color scheme of black and white, luxurious marble and some muted touches like a blue sofa. The terrace is almost a part of this layout as it’s separated only with glass doors, and there’s a cool pool. Wow!

    This home in Korea strikes with its amazing architecture: it seems to be a solid brick volume with a traditional gable cutout while inside you’ll see some courtyards, terraces and a minimalist home. This way some privacy is achieved plus the home is really unique, so have a look at the photos, it’s a masterpiece of modern architecture.


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by Olivia

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