5 Best Homes Of The Week #5

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    This house in Chile is a nice example of contemporary architecture with industrial touches. The house is built of concrete and glass, and it’s fully glazed on one side to catch the views of the Pacific Ocean, so the interiors are rather minimalist and earthy-looking not to distract attention from the views.

    If you need a small vacation home with all the necessary stuff, this one is for you! Cocoon Modules are right what you need to spend a couple of days with comfort as close to nature as possible. The interiors are contemporary, and everything you may need is built in. Cool!

    This is what happens when a designer decides to decorate his/her own home. Alina Alexe of Studio Decoraktiva created this house in Romania for herself incorporating traditional motifs and decor as much as possible. The result is a colorful and fun home, which is worth pinning and stealing ideas from it!

    The architecture of this home strikes at once: it was designed to blend with the pastoral around but the materials used give it clean minimalist aesthetics and make it stand out. The interiors are also contemporary to minimalist and there’s much wood in decor. What a beautiful take on traditional barn homes of this area!

    This house in Mexico is a nice example of industrial modern architecture, it’s built of concrete, wood and glass. I like the way the architects managed to keep the house private – they created outdoor areas with rocks, grass and a pool to keep the eyes away. Thanks to that, every space of the house can be opened to outdoors including bathrooms.


Felipe Assadi’s linear H House stretches along the Chilean coast
Live That Luxe Life in a Shipping Container from Cocoon Modules
Colorful Home in Romania Revives Traditional Design
Georgica Cove Residence By Bates Masi + Architects
AT house by laurent herbiet in mexico is a perfect combination of concrete and glass

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