5 Nursery Décor Trends And 25 Examples

If you are waiting for a little miracle and want to design a nursery that would be cozy, stylish and up-to-date, this roundup is right what you need – we’ve gathered the hottest trends that are on right now! Think of incorporating some of them into your nursery décor and you’ll get a stylish and chic space.

Gender Neutral Nurseries

Gender-oriented nursery designs are totally not in trend right now and modern parents prefer gender-neutral spaces. Having a gender-neutral space is a current trend that is sure to stay for a long time and there are many themes and styles you may go for with this idea.


Plaid is one of the most timeless prints and it always looks cool, whatever you pair it with, besides, it adds coziness. There are many color combos for plaid and you may incorporate it in various ways – from a statement wall to textiles and smaller accents.

Boho And Farmhouse

Mix up boho and farmhouse decor styles – the hottest décor styles right now. Farmhouse décor has become a top contender when it comes to decorating any space, and it will add a rustic touch to your nursery as well. Add layers of white, natural wood, paired with black, gray and navy to take classic rustic trends up a notch. Then spice up your nursery with some boho accents and voila!

Personal Touches

If your baby has a name already, you want to take full advantage of it and personalize the room with their name. Creating a display with their name brings you a step closer to truly feeling like a parent, particularly if it’s your first time having a baby. Furthermore, you want to weave in your child’s initials into your décor for the ultimate personalized display.

Oversized Animal Portraits

In this idea, bigger is better. Cute animal images paired with fuzzy bits make the perfect pairing for a kid’s bedroom. Think of them as the perfect accent bit to any room. Animal portraits work well because of how versatile they are, they can be used in either a nursery designated for boys or girls. Additionally, they will remain seamless in the room while your baby continues to grow.

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