52 Coastal And Ocean-Inspired Bedroom Designs

    If you live far from the sea but want something to remind you of it and of cool summer beach holidays, then design your bedroom in coastal style! Such a bedroom decor is very relaxing and beautiful, and if you have a beach house, then it’s a must. What I love most of all about sea-inspired spaces is the colors: all shades of blue, green, white, maybe coral or red. Give your bedroom a vintage or shabby chic touch with whitewashed furniture, or make it even more peaceful with rattan items. Don’t forget textiles! Curtains, bedspreads, bedding and rugs of appropriate colors and with coastal patterns will help you to finish the look. Shells, sea urchins and corals for décor and used in furniture design are right what you need for such a space, so go to the beach to look for them!

by Chloe

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