52 Small Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

    Lack of space? Or just need a smaller version of your Christmas tree for another room? Get a small or even tiny tree and decorate it the way you like. Think that a small tree won’t look that holiday-like? You are wrong, a cute small tree can set up a holiday mood and warm up the space no less well than a big one.

No Decor

    A fresh decor trend is rocking a tree with no decor, looks cool and unusual. You can highlight the tree with a cool metallic pot or colored basket or attach some copper stars on the wall and on the tree, too. Such a natural look will give your space a modern and even a minimalist feel, looks awesome.


    Ornaments are classics, they will turn your tree a cool holiday-like one. Rock the ornaments you love: vintage ones, DIY clay ones, paper ones made by your kids, modern black and white ones, rustic burlap and pinecone ones. Actually, you can hang almost everything on your tree: from gift tags to fruit and berries. Create your own tree masterpiece with ornaments!

Ornaments And Lights

    Mix up everything: lights and ornaments for the tree decor and create a bold decoration. Lights are the best ones to warm up the space, and ornaments will make your tree cool for sure. Don’t be afraid to add garlands, pinecones, even foodie decor and Merry Christmas!

by Olivia

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