62 Practical Chalkboard Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen

    Chalkboards are amazing, they bring fun, coziness and interactivity to your home. You can leave messages, grocery lists, images, wishes and your kids – I’m sure they are happy to chalk something here and there. A kitchen is a place where using chalkboards is a very useful idea, and you can apply them as you want. Chalkboard walls are awesome for writing down anything you want and leaving cute messages to each other; you can also write down a recipe of the dish you are cooking, and your kids can chalk there while you are cooking something. A chalkboard backsplash is cheap and fun; if you are growing herbs in the kitchen, just chalk their names on the board and put it behind them. You can chalkboard various cabinets and even your fridge – it’s very practical and fun. Get inspired!

by Olivia