62 Scandinavian Bedroom Designs That Will Make You Swoon

    Scandinavian style is so popular today because it’s simple, beautiful and very cozy, which also means that you needn’t spend tons of money to get a stylish space. Today I’ve prepared for you some Scandi bedrooms that are so fantastic that you will want every design at your home! the key to a Scandinavian space is a color combo, mostly grey and white, or you can go for a complete white room to visually expand the space. Now materials and textures: natural stone, light-colored wood, concrete and maybe fur if it’s cold. The furniture may be different: from industrial to shabby chic, it depends on the touches you want to add. Don’t forget to make big windows and then add beautiful lamps and candleholders, and maybe a fireplace, and voila, the bedroom of your dream is ready!

by Chloe

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