7 Cozy IKEA Fur Hacks With DIYs

It seems that spring is still too far and it feels like cozying up spaces and cuddling somewhere comfy. Faux fur is a perfect thing to cozy up any space, you may incorporate it in various ways into your home decor. IKEA is a great source of smart items that are easy to DIY, so it’s a great marriage! We’ve gathered some IKEA hacks using faux fur that will make your space comfortable and cool and that can be realized easily and fast.

Whatever stool or chair you take, it’s really easy to spruce it up with faux fur. Grab an IKEA piece and some faux fur from IKEA, it can be painted and colored in any way to make it even better. you may just wrap or change the upholstery completely (or add it if there’s none). A cozy faux fur rug will make your home even cozier, it can be bought in IKEA stores, too. Read the tutorials for these items below!


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