70 Exciting Summer Terrace Decor Ideas

    Love summer! We are in the middle of it and if you are designing your terrace or want to make some changes in current decor, this roundup will be of service to you. There’s a plenty of styles to choose: boho chic, Mediterranean, gypsy, modern, minimalist, retro and so on but whatever style you choose go for bright colors and striking patterns – it’s summer, feel it and enjoy it! If you want something more neutral, then Scandinavian style is right what you need with its black, grey, white and beige and lots of stone, concrete and natural wood. Wicker furniture, candle lanterns, candleholders, lights, bright textiles and natural wood furniture will help you to make a truly summer-like atmosphere. And don’t forget a couple of citronellas or a mosquito net, get inspired!

by Chloe

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