73 Refined Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas

    Girls, I’m here to spoil you with adorable feminine interiors again, and today I’m sharing home office designs. More and more girls work at home today – it’s so convenient and cool! If you work at home, you definitely need a space or a whole rel=”noopener noreferrer”>room for work with an appropriate atmosphere. Create a wonderful girlish space that will inspire you to work and give you a lot of ideas. Start from the style you want – art deco, modern, minimalist, vintage, Scandinavian or any other. Now fill it with feminine details: floral wallpaper and upholstery, furniture and accessories in girlish colors – pink, red, turquoise, pearl grey, lavender and so on. Greenery, floral curtains, fur rugs and cover ups, cute poufs and benches, exquisite statement lamps and chandeliers will help you to finish the design. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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