87 Cool Hanging Chairs For Indoors And Outdoors

    Hanging furniture is perfect for relaxation and dreaming, and we’ve already shared outdoor hanging beds for those who love napping outside, and today I’d like to show you some impossibly cute hanging chairs. Hanging chairs are awesome both for dreaming indoors and for swinging near the pool after enjoying the water. There are different models from various designers (and tutorials for those who like DIYs) – wood and metal are perfect for the base but then you can find anything: from transparent plastic and rattan to lace and ropes in different patterns or just minimalist. Don’t forget to put some cozy soft pillows and fur in winter and you’ll get a comfy swing chair, you and your kids will be excited! For outdoors choose more durable materials that can withstand some bad weather conditions. Get inspired by cool ideas below and enjoy!

by Chloe

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