Bring The Summer In: 37 DIY Fruit Home Decor Ideas

via     Summer is the frutiest season! Fresh fruit and berries are everywhere, and you can bring summer to your home decor using fruit patterns. Pineapples, watermelons, strawberries, apples, pears and other your favorite fruit and berries are right what you need to bring the summer spirit in. Balloons, piñatas, planters, garlands, pillows, blankets, coasters, … Read more

14 DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Like Summer

via     Summer is here! We feel it every time when we go outside but what inside? If you don’t feel it, if beach and summer-inspired decor doesn’t help, then go for summer aromas! This roundup is right what you need – I’ve gathered awesome DIYs to make your home smell like summer. These are … Read more

27 Awesome DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths

    There’s enough time left before Valentine’s Day but if you want to DIY something, you may start preparing now. Wreaths are one of the most popular decorations, easy, cute and budget-friendly, so let’s make some. Book pages, yarn, pompoms, wood, cardboard, flowers or felt – these are just some materials you can use for a … Read more

24 Awesome Patriotic Wreaths For The 4th July

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