34 Creative IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hacks

    IKEA Hemnes is a classic dresser, simple, plain and suitable for many spaces. Be creative and hack it according to your decor style! Hemnes can be painted, chalk boarded, stenciled, decoupaged, you may change handles and make an absolutely new piece like no other. I love Hemnes incrusted with wood in herringbone patterns, I look … Read more

7 Cozy IKEA Fur Hacks With DIYs

It seems that spring is still too far and it feels like cozying up spaces and cuddling somewhere comfy. Faux fur is a perfect thing to cozy up any space, you may incorporate it in various ways into your home decor. IKEA is a great source of smart items that are easy to DIY, so … Read more

20 Awesome Christmas IKEA Hacks With DIYs

    IKEA is what we all love to hack, and as holidays are coming, it’s high time to make something. Wreaths, ornaments, lanterns, lights, advent calendars and much more – there are tons of IKEA items to hack. Here are some cool IKEA hacks that you may repeat and make your home decor more amazing, read … Read more

5 Best Homes Of The Week #8

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17 IKEA Bed Frame Hacks You’ll Love

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15 Best IKEA Dresser Hacks Ever

    IKEA dressers are very popular for rocking in interiors and they are widely hacked and repurposed. Tarva, Malm, Kallax, Rast, Songesand and many other dressers are perfect for customizing and personalizing in all the ways possible. Decals, painting, staining, contact paper, new pulls and even paneling – everything you can imagine or all of them … Read more