22 Cute Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

    Farmhouse style is very cozy and it’s getting popularity now because of its cuteness and warm atmosphere, so I think that it’s especially cool for bathrooms. A bathroom is a place where you want to get relaxed and forget all your problems having a bath, so farmhouse style is perfect for decorating such spaces. Shabby … Read more

33 Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas With A Vintage Or Minimal Vibe

    Industrial style is very popular for lofts and apartments today, it looks amazing in various spaces, it’s very functional and doesn’t make your space cluttered. That’s why it’s actual, first of all, for various common spaces like a kitchen or a bathroom. Today’s roundup is dedicated to industrial bathrooms, and they are chic! Concrete, stone, … Read more

27 Modern Subway Tiles Ideas For Bathrooms

    Subway tile was originally designed to be placed in subways, and it was used for the very first station of New York’s then brand-new subway in 1904. Such glazed tile didn’t stain and was easy to clean; the white tile had the additional advantage of reflecting light, brightening the subterranean stations. Later subway tile appeared … Read more

48 Cool Bathroom Designs With Exposed Brick Walls

    Exposed brick walls have become a huge trend and they are getting more and more popularity being suitable for industrial, modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian and other interiors. Today we are sharing cool bathroom designs with exposed brick walls, and they are really exciting! Such walls become a focusing point in any bathroom, whether they are whitewashed … Read more