30 Functional Industrial Kitchen Designs

    Industrial style is very popular today, it’s awesome for lofts, bachelor pads, it can be mixed with minimal or retro style and it’ll look amazing! This style is perfect for functional spaces in your home – kitchens, bathrooms and home offices, and today I’m gonna share industrial kitchen ideas to rock. Industrial decor means brick … Read more

83 Adorable Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

    Scandinavian design is one of the latest trends in home decor, and I’m going to inspire you with stunning Scandi kitchens today! What’s Nordic decor about? White, grey and black, concrete, natural wood – such a space is always lively and full of light, Scandi rel=”noopener noreferrer”>decor reminds of minimalist and industrial but it’s a … Read more

62 Kitchen Designs With Exposed Wooden Beams

    Exposed wooden beams are totally my love just like brick walls because they make any space more eye-catching and give it a character. Today I’d like to share kitchen designs that really strike with wooden beams – they look so harmonious and so original! Whatever rel=”noopener noreferrer”>kitchen style you choose, wooden beams can be easily … Read more

57 Practical Kitchen Concrete Countertop Ideas

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25 Timeless Brick Kitchen Backsplashes

    A kitchen backsplash is an important part because it should be durable, easily maintainable and perfectly fitting your kitchen decor. It can highlight the decor or contrast with it adding a textural touch and making your kitchen interesting, and I have a perfect option for you: it’s a brick backsplash. If you think it’s hard … Read more