66 Serene Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

    Scandinavian style means seeing beauty in simple things, it reminds of the Nordic nature – rather severe but breathtaking. This decor style has already conquered the world, and if you want to join in, try to decorate your bathroom this way. Stick to the traditional Scandi colors: black, grey, cream, beige and white, mix them … Read more

33 Traditional Red And Green Christmas Home Decor Ideas

    Red and green is are traditional colors for Christmas, and today I’d like to share some of the coolest and most stylish ones.     Evergreens and foliage are the greens that you need. You can make garlands, wreaths, centerpieces and various arrangements, place trees. Add red ornaments, vases, bowls, candy canes, decorations, frames and ribbon bows … Read more