27 Modern Subway Tiles Ideas For Bathrooms

    Subway tile was originally designed to be placed in subways, and it was used for the very first station of New York’s then brand-new subway in 1904. Such glazed tile didn’t stain and was easy to clean; the white tile had the additional advantage of reflecting (more…)

48 Cool Bathroom Designs With Exposed Brick Walls

    Exposed brick walls have become a huge trend and they are getting more and more popularity being suitable for industrial, modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian and other interiors. Today we are sharing cool bathroom designs with exposed brick walls, and they are really exciting! Such walls become a (more…)

26 Trendy Penny Tile Ideas For Bathrooms

    Penny tiles are making a huge comeback, they are a chic and timeless idea for any space – a bathroom or a kitchen or wherever else you need tiles. They add texture and eye-catchiness to any space and can easily fit any decor style, from rustic (more…)

52 Cool And Smart Attic Bathroom Designs

    Got an attic space? This isn’t a problem! You can easily decorate and design it no worse than a usual one. Today I’d like to share some attic bathroom ideas. An attic bathroom is usually a small one yet you can accommodate everything you need. If (more…)

27 Adorable Fishscale Tiles Ideas For Your Home

    There are many types and shapes of tiles to choose from but I promise you that no tiles would look as eye-catching and gorgeous as fishscale tiles. Today I’m sharing cool ideas of fishscale tiles for various bathrooms and kitchens. Bathroom Fishscale Tiles     Fishscale tiles are amazing for (more…)

66 Serene Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

    Scandinavian style means seeing beauty in simple things, it reminds of the Nordic nature – rather severe but breathtaking. This decor style has already conquered the world, and if you want to join in, try to decorate your bathroom this way. Stick to the traditional Scandi (more…)