Creating An Atmosphere: 45 Striking Outdoor Fire Bowls

    Fire is perfect for creating an ambience, no matter what you choose: candles, fireplaces, fire bowls or something else – it’s true both for indoors and outdoors. To make your backyard or terrace cozier with a cool fire bowl – from some designer or a handmade one. Choose durable and safe materials for the bowl itself – metal, stone, glass or clay because it’s fire and you should be careful. Oil, ethanol, some other chemicals or just usual wooden logs – it’s up to you what type to choose but go for some striking designs! Copper bowls on stylish legs, or pebbles for decor inside, or any other idea to make your backyard even more eye-catching would be great! If you have a water body, you can put the fire bowl close to it because fire and water are very contrasting and leave a lasting impression! Get inspired!

by Chloe

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