30 Brick Fireplaces To Cozy Up Your Space

A fireplace is always a centerpiece, in any room and in any style, this is where we are all attracted, especially during cold seasons. Styling a fireplace, its mantel and a nook around it is an important way to add coziness to the room and make it inviting. I’d like to offer you some ideas of brick fireplaces as brick is the most popular material for surrounding a fireplace: it’s budget-friendly, stylish and safe.

Whitewashed, White And Red Brick Fireplaces

Red brick will definitely add color and a bit of industrial feel to your space, it’s not for every room. This is a statement decor idea with plenty of impact, and if it seems too bold to you, you may whitewash or even paint your fireplace white. A white or whitewashed brick fireplace is timeless classics that matches almost any room and any style, it’s pretty neutral, yet you may give it a contrasting look with a dark mantel and potted greenery around. Create a matching brick shelf attached to the lower part of the fireplace and display whatever you want there.

Painted And Glazed Brick Fireplaces

Bold and bright fireplaces are a trend, and if you want to add some color to your room, this is it! Blue, teal, black, green, neon pink, yellow – any color and shade that you like is welcome! Such a bright painted fireplace will infuse your space with a huge dose of color, will make it dramatic or bright, and you may also incorporate some furniture or accessories that will echo with this fireplace. Get inspired!

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