Guide On Mixing Prints In Home Decor And 23 Ideas

    Not only bright colors help adding interest and eye-catchiness to the space, prints are another cool way to do that but it may be rather tricky to stick to just one pattern or print and we have to mix them sometimes. How to mix prints with style?

Stick To Only One Print

    If you are decorating with just one print in mind, stick to it instead of rocking several ones, and keep the rest of the room neutral, simple and basic. This print can be incorporated into your home decor with edgy wallpaper, a bright printed sofa, tiles on a kitchen island, a large printed rug or curtains or even pillows – textiles are always the easiest way to rock prints.

Pair Larger Or Dramatic Prints With Simpler Ones

    Just because you are using a print does not mean you can’t incorporate more of them. The key is pairing your prints with the colors that are similar for creating a cohesive space. You may also rock larger printed pieces as dominating ones, and all the rest of them will be smaller and secondary, it will work in a stylish way.

Combine Various Prints

    If you happen to love pattern, you might want to combine multiple patterns together to create a solid beautiful space. Keep them simple, yet keep them bright, doing so bring a cohesive look even if you include numerous different patterns. Do no limit yourself to 2-3 patterns, consider adding 5 or more, create a bold space where prints and colors are dominating.

by Olivia

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