How To Modernize Your Home In 2019: 21 Ideas

    2019 is here and if you are thinking of some renovations and updates, I’ve found some cool ways to modernize your home right now to avoid any outdated looks. There are no exact trends here, just some ideas to incorporate for a fresher and more modern look.

Mixing Neutrals

    Mixing neutral shades is one of the best ideas for a contemporary home: neutrals make the space welcoming, airy and visually bigger – what can be better than that? Mixing neutrals and adding textures will make your space non-boring and catchier. As for neutrals themselves, grey should be left behind, warm creamy shades are the new grey! Warm shades make your space more welcoming, which is really great.

Statement Furniture

    Oversized, colorful and quirky furniture is welcome! It all depends on what look you want to get: if you are looking for more modern and fresh look, go for oversized furniture with clean lines, if you want some vintage vibes, rock a single sophisticated piece for a contrast and a colorful and quirky furniture item will update your neutral interior easily giving it a new look.

Geometric Lights

    Lights have already become an important part of decor, not only a light source. Lights can have various shapes, colors and looks and come in various layers to illuminate your space but the trendiest ones are geometric. Geometric lamps and chandeliers of various looks look timeless and chic and fit many decor styles, especially minimalist, modern and contemporary.

Large Mirrors

    Statement mirrors turned super trendy last year and more and more designers and home owners go for them as they have several advantages. First of all, they fill the space with light reflecting it, second, they visually double the space and third, they bring a somewhat a refined feel, especially if you choose a vintage frame. Rock them in every space, from bathrooms to living rooms – they will raise your decor to a new level.

by Olivia

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