Pantone’s 2018 Color: 29 Ultra Violet Home Decor Ideas

    Ultra violet is the color of 2018, and many of us are already seeking of some cool ways to add this bold and edgy shade to the decor. I’ve gathered some ideas to do that with chic, let’s have a look at them.

Violet Walls

    If you want to add a colorful statement to your space, make an ultra violet statement wall or even a couple of walls. Such an idea is suitable for any space, from a living room to a breakfast nook, and you can try various shades of violet to fit your space.

Violet Furniture

    Not ready for radical changes? Get some violet furniture pieces – a bookcase, a bookshelf, cabinets, chairs and so on. Make your space more refined with some antique styled furniture with violet upholstery, add an edgy touch with violet acrylic chairs in your dining zone. You can add color to your neutral space with violet furniture or create a super bold and contrasting space using yellow, red, fuchsia, emerald. Be in trend!

by Olivia

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