23 Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

    There are various styles for decorating Christmas: rustic, minimalist, industrial and others but if you don’t feel like anything traditional and want to add modern holiday cheer and colors, try glam Christmas decor. Glam decor will be loved not only by girls but also by guys, (more…)

25 Trendy Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

    Minimalist decor is super trendy and popular for today and it can be used not only in usual home decor but also realized for holidays. How to decorate a Christmas tree in a minimalist way? Here are some beautiful ideas. No Ornaments     Go really minimalist with no ornaments (more…)

20 Awesome Christmas IKEA Hacks With DIYs

    IKEA is what we all love to hack, and as holidays are coming, it’s high time to make something. Wreaths, ornaments, lanterns, lights, advent calendars and much more – there are tons of IKEA items to hack. Here are some cool IKEA hacks that you may (more…)

20 Natural Wood Slice Christmas Decor Ideas

    Christmas is coming! Are you already choosing decor and decorating your home for the holidays? If yes, then my article today may be useful for you. Today I’m sharing cool Christmas decorations made of wood slices, it’s a great way to add a natural and rustic (more…)

22 Ways To Cover Your Christmas Tree Base

    Decorating Christmas trees isn’t only about ornaments, lights and garlands, it’s also about hiding what’s ugly or improper. Christmas tree bases aren’t always very cool-looking usually, and you may hide them in various ways to make them cooler. How? Here are some useful and cute ideas. Baskets     Baskets (more…)

24 Winter Wonderland Home Decor Ideas

    Turn your home into a winter wonderland, make your spaces enchanting and wonderful! This is a great home decor theme for Christmas, especially if you don’t have any snow outside. Here are some ideas how to pull off this theme in your home. Flocked Christmas Trees     A flocked, (more…)