Small Bedroom: 6 Decor Tips And 45 Ideas

    Designing a small bedroom is often a difficult task as you need to keep it stylish, comfortable and cozy, to provide some storage space without giving up on elegance. Here are some tips that might help you doing that.

1. Storage. Use the space under the bed, create hidden storage units and storage headboards; replace the nightstands with storage shelves.

2. Lights. Natural sunlight combined with lovely lighting makes a small room appear brighter, so make the windows bigger and eliminate all dark corners with several layers of lighting.

3. Colors. White is the most popular color for small spaces as it makes the space feel bigger but you can also go for neutrals.

4. Mirrors. Use mirrors to visually expand the space, for example, make mirror storage units.

5. The bed. Place the bed to save up on the space; modern loft beds or hidden beds are perfect for small bedrooms.

6. Décor. There are some clever tricks to make your small bedroom look bigger, for example, big windows or symmetry, which is an absolute must for small space to appear a little bit bigger.

Get inspired by the ideas below!

by Olivia

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