Small Kitchen Decor: 4 Smart Tips And 56 Examples

    A small kitchen is a frequent case in our modern homes but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice anything, just decorate your tiny space right. These tips will help you to do that.

1. Storage. Replace your cabinet doors with glass ones, take the doors off of your cabinets entirely, or install floating shelves as open shelving eliminates visual heft.

2. Colors. White walls always feel larger than colored ones; stick with things that match or have a distinct palette as a set of all-white plates will practically disappear against a white wall.

3. Lights. The lighter the space is, the bigger it seems, so make sure you have ambient lighting overhead, and task lighting to shine light on your prep and cooking areas.

4. Multifunctional furniture. Make an island and a dining table in one, tall step stools can double as seating when you want to take a load off or when you have an extra guest at dinner.

Now add some personal touches and a perfect small kitchen is ready!

With limited square footage for your kitchen, you gotta get creative.

Because of the space limitation, each design element needs to be impactful.

Interestingly enough the shape of the kitchen is just as important as the square footage.

Hence, it’s important to play into the shape to make it more visually appealing.

The two most important factors will be the counter space and storage. These two go hand in hand.

The rest of the tips and other small kitchen ideas are visual tricks we can play to make the space look bigger than it really is.

After all, since our kitchen space is limited; it’s a visual illusion with colors, textures, shapes, and lighting to create a larger space feel.

Let’s look at some small kitchen decor tips as well as ideas.

open shelving

The idea behind open shelving is to remove the restrictions cabinet doors impose visually.

The trick is to lean on the openness of this design.

It can be complemented with glass that promotes openness and dishes that contribute to the aesthetic of the design.

Wood or ceramic dishes or even plants would look great in the space. So we’re being functional and decorative.

If you want to remove the upper cabinets but leave the lower ones, I would recommend using invisible hardware.

Not only does this streamline the look, but you won’t bump into them and hurt yourself because of the limited space.

counter space

The counter space goes hand in hand with the open shelving and even storage.

Wall storage frees up precious counter and cabinet storage space.

If you have the room at the end of your aisle, try considering a roller cart or a small kitchen island you can use for prepping or your mise en place.


If you pull up stools to the counter space, then you can make use of it as a dining area for your guests.

I would select the ball stool height to fit right beneath the counter. It clears the walkway and looks neat when you push them in, under the peninsula.

When limited in space, I would opt for a nook seating.

area rug

To maximize floor space you can opt-in for slim profile cabinets. By reducing depth we increase available square footage.

Then use the extra floor space for a small beautiful silk Persian rug. It’s okay to dream. After all, we’re here to get inspired.

  1. Industrial Design in A Small Space
credit fifthstorey

I would say this kitchen checks all the boxes of a small dream kitchen that has commercial touches to it. It has a stainless steel countertop, industrial-design pull-out faucet., 4-burner gas hob., a large enough dish drainer, and suspended ceiling shelves.

The carpentry was no doubt a major headache to plan because we wanted a functional kitchen island in a long narrow space. we squeezed our brain cells as we try to fit in a sink, an oven, a gas cylinder for our hob (we refuse to use induction), pull-out condiment rack while ensuring enough prep area and storage space.

the bonus part is where we managed to hack the hot water inlet to supply filtered water through the tap, and also have integrated dish and hand soap pumps powered by huge bottles below the sink thankful that everything worked out.

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