45 Unique Coffee Tables To Highlight Any Decor

    A cool coffee table can accentuate and even transform the whole interior, and today’s roundup will help you to find a perfect one for your living room. Look at your interior style and don’t hesitate to rock the most original coffee tables you’ve ever seen. Glass (more…)

Bring The Summer In: 37 DIY Fruit Home Decor Ideas

via  letsmingleblog.com     Summer is the frutiest season! Fresh fruit and berries are everywhere, and you can bring summer to your home decor using fruit patterns. Pineapples, watermelons, strawberries, apples, pears and other your favorite fruit and berries are right what you need to bring the summer spirit (more…)

105 Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas That Inspire

    Minimalism is the décor style that perfectly reflects the time spirit with all its influences. I think this style is very natural for such spaces as a bathroom because it’s very functional and uncluttered, and that’s exactly what you need to save space. Minimalism means black, (more…)

50 Trendy Copper Home Decor Ideas [Part 1]

    Metallic home decor is one of the hottest trends, and I’d like to share my love for copper with you. Copper looks so noble, so stylish and so bright that I just can’t take my eyes off! Copper candleholders, tableware, lamps, tiles, sinks, planters, shelves, coffee (more…)