The Best Ideas And DIY Roundups Of September 2015

    Hey, guys! This roundup is dedicated to the best wedding ideas of September, and in case you’ve missed some of them, just take a look and get inspired!     Functional Chalkboard Home Office Decor Ideas. Chic Home Office Designs With Brick Walls. DIY Crocheted Mug Cozies To Keep (more…)

17 DIY Fall Garlands For Indoors And Outdoors

via     A garland is perhaps the easiest decoration that you can make with your hands, and you can invite your kids to spend time making them together. Leaves, acorns, pumpkins and apples are the most popular motifs to use in such a case, make them from (more…)

17 Cool And Simple DIY Wooden Headboards

via     A headboard is a must for a bed, it finishes the look and can be functional – with a storage space or lights. We’ve already told you of some DIYs, and today I’d like to be more specific and I’m sharing cool wooden headboard DIYs (more…)

Spruce Up Your Furniture: 10 DIY Knobs And Pulls

    Even if your furniture piece is the simplest ever, you can always make him eye-catching using awesome knobs or pulls. I’ve prepared some cool tutorials to make such items yourself, it’s really easy even if you don’t have any crafting skills. Faux ceramic, patterned, colorful, rhinestone, (more…)

13 Simple And Cute DIY Cat Beds

via     We share a lot of furniture and interior ideas but we’ve forgotten about our fluffy friends, so today I’ve decided to correct this mistake, today I’m sharing a bunch of DIYs of cat beds. If you have an old suitcase, you can easily turn it (more…)

17 Easy DIY Lamps And Lights For Outdoors

via     We’ve already told you about outdoor lamps and lights but what about making a couple yourself? Outdoor lamps are necessary for lighting the space at night and to create an atmosphere. Various hanging, wall, floor lamps are simple to DIY and you can find any (more…)

24 Cute And Space-Saving DIY Hanging Planters

via     Hanging planters are great both for indoors and outdoors because they look great and will save your space. I’ve prepared some cool hanging pots tutorials that will help you to add greenery to any space. Actually, there are two ways to make such a piece: (more…)

The Best Ideas And DIY Roundups Of April 2015

    Hey, guys! This roundup is dedicated to the best home decor ideas of April, and in case you’ve missed some of them, just take a look and get inspired!     Stylish Minimalist Closets, Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas, Pretty DIY Poufs For Your Home, Pretty DIY Poufs For (more…)

22 Easy And Pretty DIY Poufs For Your Home

via     I have several poufs in my living room, and I’m sure that no home can do without such a small yet functional and cozy furniture piece. You needn’t buy a pouf, you can make one or two yourself easily with almost any skills and materials (more…)

22 Eye-Catching DIY Headboards In Different Styles

via     Every bed needs a headboard! This is not only a question of décor but sometimes of functionality as there are headboards with storage spaces. I’ve rounded up some cool headboards that you can make yourself – for every décor style and any taste. Upcycling windows (more…)